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  AlphaDent software

The AlphaDent software package is a powerful, easy to use program that will assist you in building a very efficient and profitable practice.

Appointment Book

“Easy to Use” is the best way to describe the AlphaDent appointment book.  Features include, one button new patient entry, search and find features. It is easy to see why all of our front office staffs love this program. (more)

Recall / Patient Maintenance

Patient entry is a simple process that needs to be only once.  All notes are linked to the patient and the program allows for the multiple responsible parties multiple insurance companies and patient notes are easy to enter and look up. (more)

Recall can be done through treatment plans, marketing codes or by your specification.  This feature helps keep the practice busy.

Letter System

Letter writing to patients or referring doctors can be a daunting task.  However, with AlphaDent’s Letter Writing system that is integrated with Microsoft Word, you have over 250 letters already done for you.  All the fields are pre-defined and all that is necessary is to fill in the treatment plan.  This is a great tool for educating your patients and staying in touch with referring doctors.  The letter system is also fully customizable.  If you already have a letter that you like to use, no problem.  We can put that into the system for you. (more)

Management Reports

Understanding how well your practice is doing can be best understood through the management reports.  There are literally hundreds of reports that can be used to see how your practice is running.  Many predefined reports to creating new customized reports that you customize to suit your practice needs. (more)

Multiple doctors love the reporting features. With AlphaDent you can run the reports for all the doctors individually or all at once.   You can even run the reports by separate companies, locations or however you choose.

Electronic Statements

Does your staff spend half a day preparing and sending out hundreds of patient statements?  Why waste the time of your staff when AlphaDent can do this in minutes for you and for a fraction of the cost, including postage.  Take a look and see how much we can save you. (more)

Electronic Insurance Claims

Completely automate your claims processing.  AlphaDent follows up, tracks unbilled treatment and remaining insurance benefits.  By using electronic claims you free up valuable staff time and receive insurance money much faster.  We integrate with all the major insurance companies. (more) 

Data Conversion

Worried about keeping your data when you move to a new practice management system.  AlphaDent will work with you to make sure that the conversion process is painless to you. (more)

Employee Time Clock

AlphaDent has an integrated time clock that comes included in the system.  With full administrative controls this is tool that really helps you get a handle on your staff. (more)


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 AlphaDent  is fully HIPAA compliant.

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Check out the ADA website to see how we compare against the other systems available.